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Your problem:

You are using Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and you want the best performance from your supplier.

VMI allows you to incorporate suppliers into your process. But how do you provide visibility to your inventory without your VMI suppliers having to send someone into your plant with the associated costs? And, how can you connect them to your Kanban replenishment signal so they can always receive the signal quickly and reliably?

B2B Connex Solution:

B2B Connex provides the inventory and forecast visibility to your suppliers and receipt confirmation

Whether you are sending inventory information or more sophisticated MRP information to your suppliers, you want to ensure they received it and it is up-to-date. B2B Connex can deliver this information through email and web pages so your suppliers do not incur onsite costs to gather the information. Information sent to the suppliers is immediately acknowledged, and if suppliers have issues with the information, there is a visual indicator for buyers, planners, and production personnel.

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