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Your problem:

Customers need to be kept updated about delivery dates.

Your customers are pressuring you to provide delivery dates faster and more accurately to help them better manage their production scheduling. Providing an Advanced Shipment Notification (ASN) isn’t timely enough. They need to know the results of your production schedules to feed into their own MRP systems.

If you turn your Kanban orders into purchase orders, then your buyers are involved in the day-to-day challenges of sending out and confirming purchase orders except Kanban orders are even more critical.

B2B Connex Solution:

Your scheduled sales orders can be shared with your customer.

The B2B Connex Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Portal publishes your sales order information. When your scheduling updates a delivery date, a change notification is sent to the customer to keep them informed. Publishing the order to your customer also provides the ability for them to verify that the order has the correct products identified and that quantities and prices are all correct prior to production. Keeping everyone in the loop means that costly errors are caught before production, rather than after the product has been shipped.

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