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Your problem:

You want to accelerate Kanban orders reliably to your suppliers.

You are moving to Lean manufacturing and using Kanban orders to reduce inventory, but faxing just isn’t the best process for this time sensitive process. The people on the production floor can never be sure how many times the Kanban order was faxed, whether the supplier received the order or not, and what the status of the order is.

If you turn your Kanban orders into purchase orders, then your buyers are involved in the day-to-day challenges of sending out and confirming purchase orders except Kanban orders are even more critical.

B2B Connex Solution:

B2B Connex puts the ‘lean’ back into the process of sending out Kanban orders.

Kanban replenishment signals can be sent from factory floor to B2B Connex either through a scanner, a mouse click on a PC, or another activation method. An email is sent out to the supplier with reminders to ensure a timely acknowledgment. Supplier requests for changes can be incorporated into the process if desired, as well as the Kanban signal, triggering a purchase order. The Kanban order is sent to the supplier faster, acknowledgments are tracked, and there is a visual indicator to the buyer if there is an issue with the order that requires attention.

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