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Your problem:

You want to apply Six Sigma processes to reduce variation in your supply chain, but you don’t have the hard performance data required for analysis.

The problem with analysing supplier performance and other supply chain metrics is that there isn’t a rigorous process that tracks fulfillment once your orders and other documents have been communicated. If these processes can’t be measured then there is no way to verify the improvements that need to be made to remain competitive in today’s markets.

B2B Connex Solution:

B2B Connex tracks business documents as they flow between you and your supply chain partners

B2B Connex provides a process that tracks the progress of business documents when they are sent to supply chain partners and also when a partner sends an acknowledgement or makes a change request. Every action that occurs is logged and available for reporting. Actions such as the initial release of a document, when a partner views the document, responds to it, etc. are tracked. Reports are available which measure response times, the frequency of requests for changes, how often goods are delivered prior to approval of changes, etc.

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