Achieve Excellence in Supply Chain Collaboration

Providing Innovative and Affordable B2B software solutions that:

Increase Supplier Performance Reduce Costs
Increase Customer Performance Shorten Cycle Times

B2B Solution: Vendor Portal

Automate planning and communication of sourcing processes with suppliers

Cost Reductions Working With Your Suppliers Cost reduction by eliminating unproductive internal processes
Optimized for MRO Purchasing Cycle time reduction from suppliers
Improved supplier performance and on-time delivery

B2B Solution: Ordering Portal

Provides your customers with an easy to use storefront to place orders

Customer Order Entry Internal Ordering of Approved Items
Customer RMA Entry Distribute Invoices and Shipment Notices

B2B Solution: Intelligent Dashboards

Logistics that matter, accessible for the most discerning advisors

Overview of All Documents Simple Access to Work Lists
Color Coded Priority Indicators Customizable KPI’s

For Suppliers

B2B Connex improves the process to:

  • Improve supplier on-time delivery and quality through faster two way communication
  • Reduce costs related to answering supplier phone calls about delivery and payment
  • Reduce costs related to manually matching goods received to invoices
  • Capture supplier performance information not available in your ERP system
  • Reduce buyer administrative tasks so they can concentrate on higher value tasks
  • Provide visibility to inventory levels for suppliers performing vendor managed inventory

For Partners

As a manufacturer, you need a solution that works for your business and delivers benefits including:

  • Cost reductions working with suppliers, customers and distributors
  • Cost reduction by eliminating unproductive internal processes
  • Cycle time reduction for all participants
  • Making it easier for your distributors to do business with you

For Distributors

Using B2B Connex, manufacturers can:

  • Improve responsiveness and reduce costs to answer distributor phone calls about order status
  • Reduce costs to distribute invoices to distributors
  • Receive sales orders from distributors without having to re-key information
  • Provide distributors with visibility to inventory levels

For Sister Plants

Regardless of your particular organization’s structure, your internal processes with sister plants operate as effectively or ineffectively as your processes with external suppliers. Using B2B Connex to improve internal processes, manufacturers can:

  • Receive purchase orders from sister plants for input as sales orders without re-keying
  • Reduce the number of phone calls from sister plants confirming purchase order
  • Receipt, order status, and payment status
  • Reduce costs to produce invoices for sister plants, or alternatively
  • Provide visibility of order status to the manufacturing floor or maintenance groups
  • Send sister plants invoices electronically
  • Provide sister plants with visibility to inventory levels

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Industries Served


  • Medical Supplies
  • Medical Devices
  • Fertilizers
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Food and Beverages


  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Medical Supplies
  • Medical Devices


  • University procurement
  • College procurement
  • Private schools


  • City
  • State
  • Federal


  • Custom Parts Manufacturing


  • Electric Utilities
  • Oil Utilities
  • Gas Utilities
  • Power Generation

“Our purchasing department has had a productivity increase of 25% and a fixed cost reduction of 30% since implementing B2B Connex.”

Fred Welsh

Mueller Canada


“B2B Connex has already paid for itself in 6 months.”

Sheri Embleton
Director, Manufacturing Operations

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“CF Industries has experienced a measured reduction in workload of 2.5 to 3 hours per day for each of the four members of their purchasing department.”

Duane Lee
Superintendent, Supply Chain Management

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“We trust B2B Connex. They have great experience in purchasing systems and have worked successfully with numerous manufacturers in the past.”

Art Nelson
Procurement Director



“Just my two cents worth, we have a few of these portals that we work with very similar to yours. For the record, yours is the most user friendly that we work with… I wish everyone else could take a few lessons from you guys!!”

Dan Moore