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Your problem:

There is too much buyer administrative time spent with suppliers and not enough improving supplier performance and lowering costs.

There is too much buyer administrative time spent by your purchasing department on suppliers. Your buyers are challenged with improving supplier performance and reducing costs, but spend the bulk of their time on administrative tasks. They are faxing out orders, phoning and leaving voice mails for confirmations, receiving calls and voice mails, negotiating price, quantity and ship date, and then rekeying changes into the ERP system to start the process over again. Even worse, there is no specific work flow process or performance tracking for suppliers from the time the purchase order is sent to your suppliers to the time material is received.

B2B Connex Solution:

B2B Connex reduces buyer administrative time, creates new performance information on suppliers, and lets buyers spend more time on strategic tasks

Information such as purchase orders are sent from your ERP system to B2B Connex, where suppliers are notified by email of the new order. B2B Connex sends out email reminders to ensure a timely acknowledgement from the supplier. The buyer doesn’t have to waste time chasing suppliers to verify purchase order delivery. Suppliers view the order through web pages and can take actions such as acknowledge, accept, request a change, or reject. Buyers are immediately notified of the supplier actions and can review any change requests from the supplier immediately through a web page.

If the buyer approves a change, the information is sent to the ERP system without the buyer having to edit the order on the ERP system. B2B Connex captures supplier performance statistics such as supplier response time for a purchase order, and percentage of orders negotiated or rejected, which is not available on the ERP system. This information is available to the buyer for supplier performance reviews. The amount of administrative time a buyer spends on supplier communication is significantly reduced, and the buyer has more time for strategic activities.

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