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Your problem:

You plan to eliminate supplier invoices using Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS), but invoices don’t always match your orders.

Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS) can reduce your costs. But first, invoices have to match receipts before you can eliminate invoices and take the manual matching step out of the process. But how do you accomplish this with MRO orders when not everything is on contract, or less common parts haven’t been ordered in over a year, and some products need a price update prior to the purchase order?

You need a process that can ensure an accurate price prior to shipment. Your buyers and suppliers have to communicate quickly, accurately, and if purchase order changes are required, they have to be sent out immediately without someone having to go back into the ERP system.

B2B Connex Solution:

Invoices match purchase orders.

B2B Connex provides a collaborative process to enable ERS. Both the buyer and supplier can view the most recent version of a purchase order electronically over the web – with no conflicting information from old faxes or emails. Issues are settled faster, price/quantity/ship dates are finalized quickly, the ERP system is updated, and invoices match purchase orders. You’re ready for ERS.

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