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Your problem:

You are spending too much time resolving invoice matching problems because price changes aren’t consistently brought back into your purchasing system.

Was a price change agreed to by phone? Did a change request come in by fax and it was misread? Was the change rekeyed incorrectly into your purchasing system? Did the change request get lost on someone’s desk when they went on vacation? How often does the difference just disappear into a variance account?

Invoice matching wastes everyone’s time. Not just for the person who has to resolve the difference, but also for every person in the department whose regular tasks are interrupted to help chase down the source of the problem.

You need a process that ensures that change requests are never lost and that there is never a mistake due to misreading faxes or rekeying numbers.

B2B Connex Solution:

Change requests are never lost.

The B2B Connex Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Portal provides a collaborative change request process. Your suppliers can make change requests online. Once approved, these changes are uploaded directly to your purchasing system without any rekeying. Your purchase orders are updated using the values keyed in directly by your suppliers. Manage by exception work lists also ensure that change requests will never fall through the cracks again.

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