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Your problem:

You have to improve cycle time from suppliers.

You have to improve cycle time with your suppliers not only in direct materials, but MRO as well. And faxing out orders just isn’t the best process. Faxes get lost, you are never 100% sure the supplier received them, so your buyers follow-up with phone calls and voice mails requesting fax confirmations for critical orders. When orders are changed there is paperwork confusion because the buyer and the supplier may not be working on the same information. You want your order acknowledged immediately, as well as prices, quantities and shipment dates verified or changed quickly.

B2B Connex Solution:

Reduces cycle time with suppliers on direct material and MRO orders.

With pressure from your customers to improve cycle times, you are looking for greater responsiveness from your suppliers. And you are still looking for incremental inventory reductions to save costs. The traditional process of sending out faxes, particularly for rush orders doesn’t provide the productivity or optimal speed. It can easily take 24 hours for a rush fax order to be acknowledged. Consequently, buyers manually intervene to accelerate the process. B2B Connex provides the mechanism for immediate delivery, to multiple supplier personnel, with an acknowledgement back in minutes.

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