B2B Connex Pricing

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Variable Pricing

B2B Connex pricing is based on several variables. One of these is the number of modules purchased. For instance, you may only be interested in solving one specific business problem so you may only purchase one module – perhaps Purchase Orders. On the other hand you may be interested in implementing several modules – Purchase Orders, RFQs, Scorecards, Invoices, Forecasts, etc. Our pricing is based on the number of modules purchased and allows you to tailor the cost of B2B Connex to get the best return on investment.

There are other factors that influence the cost of our product such as the number of sites you have, the extent to which you might like to tailor the user interface to match your current web presence, or the amount of integration required to connect to your existing ERP system.

After a thorough investigation of your needs, we will prepare a quotation for you that includes all licensing, support and services so that you have a complete project cost available to help with your decision making process.

Installation Options

There are three options when it comes to hosting B2B Connex. You can have B2B Connex installed on a computer at your location within your firewall, use a third party hosting company, or you can choose a SAAS model and have the software hosted in our secure data centre.


Licensing Options

B2B Connex will prepare a customized licensing model to meet your business needs. When you host our solution in-house using your own computers and infrastructure, you can choose a full up-front license, a per-seat license, or a deferred payment license with monthly payments spread out over one, two or three years. When using the SAAS model, our licensing is based on a small project initiation fee with monthly payments based on usage. Whatever your business needs, we can tailor a licensing model to match.

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